REVISD reviews and utilizes service guarantees to ensure you get what you deserve.

RREVISD reduces your shipping costs by leveraging savings potentials.

REVISD improves your cash flow through reimbursements and credits.

DHL Express, Fedex and UPS provide a money-back guarantee of up to 100% under their respective terms and conditions if it is their responsibility that the first delivery attempt occurs after the guaranteed delivery time. Be sure your company also receives the refunds and credits you are entitled to when your express shipments are not delivered on time.

Get your money back with the REVISD

Express Shipment Audit

Choose the REVISD Express Shipment Audit and start optimizing your company's express shipping costs today.

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This is how the REVISD Express Shipment Audit works

1 REVISD checks that each shipment arrives by its guaranteed delivery time.

2 REVISD prepares the necessary claim documents for the late shipments.

3 REVISD verifies the accuracy of the credits obtained.


Savings Potential

The actual savings potential for your company depends on a variety of factors. This matrix provides an initial estimate. If you would like to know exactly what you'd save, contact us!


Your savings potential grows -
year by year

There are few other industries in which annual price increases grow as significantly as in express shipping.  Average shipping price increases of just under 5% have not been the exception in recent years, but rather the rule. These increases do not even take into account COVID related price increases.

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Global Impact –
the REVISD audit works worldwide

1 No set-up costs - but plenty of return on investment

2 Simple implementation - without IT effort

3 Sustainable savings - week after week

4 Performance-based invoicing, with zero fixed fees

Frequently Asked


What is an Express Shipment Audit?

At its core, an Express Parcel Audit consists of a detailed review of the invoices you receive from your carrier. With the help of proprietary software, REVISD experts process the invoices to highlight late deliveries, then identify shipments where claims can be filed.

How complex is an Express Shipment Audit?

Our audit process is extremely simple. Simply provide us with your carrier invoices, and REVISD takes care of the complete audit for you. No changes to your existing IT infrastructure or accounting processes are necessary, and there is no special training involved.

What are the advantages of an Express Shipment Audit?

The key benefit is to achieve real savings.  You get "free" money back that would normally be left on the table.  Depending on your shipment volume and your company structure, you will achieve these savings regularly and worldwide, as the Revisd Express Shipping Audit can also be used for subsidiaries abroad.  Valuable bookkeeping time is also saved, as the time consuming task of auditing your own invoices is wasted if no savings are found. If we don't find you money, it doesn't cost your company anything!

How much does an Express Shipment Audit cost?

The best thing about Revisd Express Package Audit is that there are no minimum fees or setup costs. REVISD works strictly off commissions from savings. You will only receive an invoice from us if you receive money back from the carrier first. Beyond that, there are no costs. If you do not achieve any savings, the Revisd Express Shipping Audit is free of charge for you.

Can the Express Shipment Audit also be used for freight shipments?

Companies that send freight - i.e. a package weighing significantly more than 30 kg or pallets - by express, or receive invoices for such shipments as consignees or 3rd parties should definitely have invoices audited by REVISD. Freight shipments may also be entitled to refunds under service guarantees. Due to the higher weights and costs for freight, the savings potential is significantly higher.